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Of Mice and Men Review Quiz

1. Curley is....

A. The son of the owner of the ranch.
B. The giant, rather stupid man.
C. The poor black stable hand.
D. The wife of the rancher's son

2. Analyse and select the correct reason that George shot Lennie.

A. Because he didn't like him.
B. Because he killed Curley's wife.
C. Because he didn't want the others to do something worse to him.
D. Because he was crazy.

3. Evaluate Lennie's reason for killing Curley's wife.

A. She tried to trick him.
B. She wasn't doing what he wanted.
C. He didn't know his own strength.
D. He thought George would approve.

4. Crook's lousy disposition toward everyone comes from:

A. Being mistreated all his life.
B. Resenting being crippled.
C. It's his nature.
D. All the books he reads.

5. Who is the mule driver?

A. Lennie
B. George
C. Curley
D. Slim

6. Based on your knowledge of George and Lennie's relationship, what is the best reason they stick together?

A. Lennie will kill Geogre if he leaves.
B. George and Lennie are best of friends and they would be lost if separated.
C. George wants Lennie to do work
D. So they can someday have the farm they always talk about.

7. The Salina's River Valley is located in...

A. California
B. Mexico
C. India
D. France

8. Which Happened first?
(A)George shoots Lennie (B) Lennie kill's Curley's wife (C) George and Lennie meet Candy (D) George and Lennie meet Crooks

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D
9. Apply your knowledge of Slim's behavior to the situation at the very end of the book. What do you think he will do to Geogre? Explain why.
10. Write a breif summary of the events of the book, the moral, and what parts of the book the moral is displayed in.

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